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Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Vancouver, BC

Bellingham, WA

Salt Spring Island, BC

San Francisco, CA

Mariposa, CA

Modesto, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Dallas, TX

Austin, TX

San Antonio, TX

Houston, TX

New Orleans, LA

Asheville, NC

Atlanta, GA

Wilmington, NC

New York, NY

Dec 03/23

Dec 01/23

Nov 30/23

Nov 29/23

Nov 24/23

Nov 19/23

Nov 18/23

Nov 17/23

Nov 16/23

Nov 12/23

Nov 11/23

Nov 10/23

Nov 09/23

Nov 07/23

Nov 04/23

Nov 03/23

Oct 31/23

Oct 29/23

Oct 28/23

Oct 22/23

Oct 20/23

Sept 19/23

Sept 16/23

July 22/23

July 15/23

Jan 14/23

Jan 13/23

Jan 12/23


Polaris Hall

Tractor Tavern

Wise Hall

The Wild Buffalo

Mateada Lounge

Bottom of the Hill

Grove House

Miranda's Castle



Sam's Town Point

The Lonesome Rose

Big Top


The Double Crown

529 East

The Fuzzy Needle

The Knitting Factory


Kingston, NY

Quai Des Brumes

Montreal, QC

The Monarch

Toronto, ON

Cafe Pop Torgal

Ourense, ES

Riquela Club

Santiago de Compostela, ES

North End Revue

Halifax, NS

Crabtree Sessions

Twin Cities Series

The Palomino

The Owl Lounge

North Haven, ME

Longview, AB

Calgary, AB

Lethbridge, AB

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