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Steph Green's music is for those who fancy the art of songwriting, depicting a lonely world illuminated by strangeness and beauty. Her sophomore album, "Lore" is a series of vignettes that immerse the listener in dreams and nightmares of the West. It's a world of towering storm clouds, desert moons, and diamond skies. The natural and supernatural collide, wailing spirits wander lost highways, and shapeshifting starling murmurations soar overhead of restless loners. Green produced and recorded the album to a 16-track reel-to-reel at home, creating a distinctive and otherworldly sound with weeping steel guitar, washy organ, and ghostly vocal layering reverberating from a distant dimension. "Lore" is out October 20th, 2023, on Mashed Potato Records.




Teardrop Skies,” is quite a sonic experience, filled to its tippy top with delightful spoonfuls of ear candy."

"The record feels like changing radio stations in a dream, with each new sound bringing something new but all united in an irresistible pop reverie."

"Steph Green pairs her arresting songwriting with forlorn lap steel and honey-coated, heart-wrenching vocal deliveries."


"Open-ended enough to let your mind run wild with possibilities, with a musical flourish that’s at once forward thinking and delightfully familiar. It’s an early shout, but don’t be surprised if Thanks For That is one of 2022’s first great records." 


"There's elegance in Green and her band's dedication to analog simplicity, making space for a sense of full-hearted intimacy to prevail even as she reaches for the stars."




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